Lately I have been faced with the quandry of moving a high volume of beef bones. I have been pondering this question for several weeks. I’ve done some research and asked around, but I still haven’t actaully sold any. I decided to look into different uses for bones. My first idea (and I maintain my best one) was soup stock. Bones are an incredibly good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. The marrow contained within the bones includes iron, collagen, selenium, vitamins A and K, zinc, and manganese. I could go on. My point is that bones are good for us and it seems like a shame to be wasting them.  

With it being fall- the weather being cooler, and the nights growing longer-I find myself wanting warm and comforting foods. Soup. Maybe some heavy home made bread to go along with it. I suspect that I am not alone is this. Beef stock makes sense. Many of us had gardens and grew veggies over the summer that would complement such soups and stocks quite perfectly. I also attend Carthage and Lowville farmers markets and happen to know that I can get fresh local veggies for soups and stocks there. I’ve done it! I also know someone there who sells high quality meat and would be more than happy to bring beef bones to market if anyone would like them! 

Additionaly, cold and flu season are here, or at the very least going to be here soon. Eating nutritionally rich and dense foods is a great and natural way to boost our immune systems. It’s also a great way to support local businesses. Beef broth is actaully quite satiating on its own. You don’t even have to make soup with it to enjoy the benefits.  

Let us not forget our furry friends as well! Doggos! Doggos love bones! We can even get all fancy and smoke the bones for your puppies. Not only do bones give dogs something to do, but they get all the vitamins and minerals too! Healthy dogs are the best dogs! 

I hate to sound like I am trying to sell bones, but that is exactly what I am trying to do. I’m just glad that I have a product that I believe in, and I hope you do too. I decided to make it easy and find a few recipes to add to this post. 


If you do make stock or already have good recipes, please share them in the comments. Stay healthy! Stay warm! 


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