About Us

Red Barn Meats is a family-owned business and was established in 2013. Before moving to our current location at 9095 Briot Road in Croghan, we operated a small custom cut shop in Carthage. As our business grew, we saw the need for USDA products and services. Shortly after moving to Croghan, we applied for USDA inspection. Since then, we have grown exponentially. We now employ 28 individuals who take pride in their work every day. Due to the continued increase in demand for our products and services, we are looking to expand again in the near future.  

We take pride in offering quality products and reasonable prices. Our beef, pork, lamb and chicken are sourced from local farmers. We strive for perfection and do our best to accommodate our customers' needs with every order. It is our vision to supply local businesses with local meats by employing people within our community. Keeping local businesses in business and the money in our local communities is our goal.  

Being a USDA facility helps to keep our team in check. We have various programs and plans in place to guarantee what we are providing a safe and wholesome product. We want to ensure that our products are fit for your store, your kitchen, your school, and your community. 

We like to have orders in by 10 Am on Mondays so that we can put them together for delivery on Wednesdays. We prefer payment at time of drop off but do offer 14-day terms as well. We will stock your shelves and let you know your order was dropped off.  

If product is not satisfactory or not how you ordered it, we will replace or refund what we need to. We currently supply several restaurants and stores and have had very few issues. However, we strive for perfection and want every customer 100% satisfied, so please feel free to let us know how to better serve you.  

If you would like to try our products or services, we would love to add you to our growing list. We would also be happy to provide you with samples before you place your order.  


You can find our products in these locations: 

  • North Country Store Philadelphia, NY 
  • Stoney Creek Store Deer River, NY 
  • Jebs Lowville, NY 
  • Pine Tree Inn Brantingham, NY 
  • Whistle Stop Carthage, NY 
  • Garland City Beer Works Watertown, NY 
  • Coach Light Inn Brantingham, NY 
  • Brantingham General Store Brantingham, NY 
  • Arts Jug Watertown, NY